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KOLMIO RYODORAKU is a set of three devices integrated in one housing:

  • diagnoskop - using the Ryodoraku method allows you to objectively determine the bioelectrical activity of the body and make the first diagnosis,
  • stimulator - allows you to perform electrostimulation appropriate to the patient's condition, in accordance with the principles of Ryodoraku therapy,
  • pointoscope - helps less experienced users to precisely locate acupuncture points

The Ryodoraku method has been known for 50 years; was developed by Prof. Yoshio Nakatani in Japan. It has been used in Poland since 1983 - prototypes of the devices were developed at the Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw in consultation with Professor Zbigniew Garnuszewski.

The RYODORAKUKOLMIO is based on one of these constructions by engineer Waldemar Jarosiński. It was developed using the latest technologies based on microprocessor technology. During the design, great emphasis was placed on the ergonomics of use:

  • on the one hand, measurement and maintenance activities have been reduced to a minimum, which saves time during diagnosis,
  • on the other hand, the device does not impose operating parameters on the doctor, but only suggests proposals for these parameters.
  • the camera can be connected to a computer and send the results of the tests carried out. The BM Ryodoraku mini program included with the device maintains a database of patients and tests and allows you to print a Ryodoraku form.

The small dimensions of the device, battery power, memory of measurement results, numerical and graphic presentation, modern operating solutions make the implementation of the Ryodoraku method easy not only in the office - the device also works well at the patient's home.

Basic applications of the RYODORAKUKOLMIO apparatus:

  • diagnosis:
    quick and easy initial diagnosis of the general condition of the patient,
    detailed diagnosis based on the symptom table,
    an excellent starting point for a complete diagnosis carried out by a doctor,
  • stimulation:
    immediate correction of general health,
    stimulation targeted at specific diseases,
  • point detection:
    excellent, automatic pointoscope, adapting to any type of skin,
  • control:
    reliable verification of all therapeutic actions, not only from conventional medicine, but also unconventional - it is enough to make a diagnosis of Ryodoraku before using the remedy and after application.

KOLMIO RYODORAKU is a medical device that meets the requirements of the Medical Directive of the European Union and has a certificate of conformity.


The RYODORAKUKOLMIO camera is made in microprocessor technology, thanks to which very precise and stable values of all technical parameters have been obtained. The information is displayed on a large color screen, and the camera is operated by a touch panel and encoder.

Basic information:

Work programmes:
  1. Diagnoscop
    • measurement with a voltage of 6 V, 12 V or 21 V;
    • measurement in automatic and manual mode.
  2. Stimulator
    • amplitude of current 0 - 1000 μA;
    • negative, additive and alternating polarization;
    • direct, rectangular, triangular, saw-shaped and sinusoidal current;
    • frequency 1 - 100 Hz.
  3. 3. Pointoscope
    • automatic or manual sensitivity adjustment;
    • skin conductivity index.
Display: 7" color with touch panel
Equipment: 1. Active electrode
2. Passive electrode
3. Containers for cotton and saline
4. Case
5. Battery charger
6. Literature:
Description of the Ryodoraku method,
The book "Your health in your hands"
Power: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 3000mAh
Camera dimensions: 24 x 16 x 4 cm
Camera dimensions in the case: 31 x 21 x 5 cm