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Long needles with guide from 70 mm long

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Long needles with guide from 70 mm long

A special type of needles are long needles with a guide, which have a length of 70 millimeters and more. Long needles are used to puncture points on the body where fat or muscle tissue is extremely thick. Such points can be located, for example, on the thighs or buttocks.

We offer a range of needles from reputable companies such as: Cloud & Dragon, SOMA, Shen Long.

The highest quality needles are ideal for both acupuncture and electrostimulation. Refined in every detail, sterile, with a guarantee of safety certified by certificates. The technology of making needles makes punctures painless, and the treatments effectively affect the sympathetic system (increases the body's ability to act, controlling activities that remain outside consciousness) and parasympathetic (responsible for improving digestion and rest of the body). These needles are successfully used in professional medical and physiotherapeutic offices.

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