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Soma (Acus Med)

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What are dry SOMA needles?
Dry needling is a technique in which physiotherapists use a dry needle to penetrate the skin into muscle areas to relieve pain or improve range of motion.

If your patient suffers from muscle tension and cramps associated with conditions such as muscle tension, nerve irritation, arthritis, ligament strains and herniated discs, our SOMA needles provide long-lasting pain relief.

Thanks to our unique triple sharpening and polishing process, the needle SOMA allow for painless insertion into the skin and muscles. Our manufacturing process is designed to provide customers with maximum pain reduction while maintaining their safety.

The triple sharpening and polishing process makes the needles extremely sharp, so that a painless insertion is achieved. The goal in creating needles SOMA was to reduce pain to a minimum and the safety of the patient and the doctor. The needles are sharp and at the same time provide the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.

Who can use dry needles SOMA?
Only practitioners trained in dry needling or acupuncture should use these products.

What are they made of?
SOMA needles are made of the highest quality Japanese surgical steel. This ensures an extremely high level of durability and therefore this material is widely used in a wide range of medical devices. It also offers fantastic flexibility, making it the ideal tool for dry needling.

To provide the patient with greater comfort and ease of application, each needle is supplied with an individual plastic guide, allowing for simple and effective application.

Needles - Surgical grade stainless steel
Handles - Stainless steel
Guide tubes - plastic
Packaging - sterilized plastic bags

What certificates do they have?
The needles are fully approved by CE and FDA.

What size should I order?

  • 0.30 mm x 30/40 mm suitable for shallow insertion into areas such as feet and hands
  • 0.30 mm x 50/60 mm suitable for medium inserts into the arms of the leg/back
  • 0.30 mm x 75/100 mm suitable for deep insertion into large muscles such as buttocks or quadriceps
  • Note MAXIMUM INPUT is 2/3 of the needle length

How are the needles packed?
All needles are disposable and stored in sterilized plastic bags. The box and the individual needle bag have an expiration date printed on it. There are 100 needles in the box.

All SOMA needles are sterilized according to the required medical standard. This is to ensure full security for all users, which is additionally verified by additional processes that are based on bioindicators. The safety of our customers is always paramount to us, which is why we make every effort to ensure that our product complies with the most stringent medical guidelines. Solid hard cardboard packaging is used, making the needles safe during transport, which is appreciated by athletes who are in constant motion with their teams.

Features and benefits:

  • Perfectly made needles for use in dry needling
  • Made of Japanese surgical steel for strength and flexibility
  • Advanced sterilization ensures user safety at all times
  • Packaged for travel use to protect products inside
  • Enjoy long-term pain relief associated with muscle diseases
  • Includes 100 needles & guide tube