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Multi-needle mats and rollers

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Multi-needle mats and rollers LYAPKO

Multi-needle applicator therapy consists in affecting the so-called life points (otherwise known as biologically active points - PAB), i.e. fragments of skin and subcutaneous tissue in which there is a complex of interrelated microstructures (vessels, nerves, connective tissue cells). This is how an active biological area is formed, affecting the nerve endings and the formation of relationships between the skin section and a given internal organ.


This method is gaining popularity, also in Poland, thanks to the fact that it can be used both in professional specialists' offices and at home.

Interaction with a mat or multi-needle roller has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, controlling the activity of the whole organism. Indications for the use of therapy are rheumatic diseases, inflammation, hernias of the spine, lumbago, spasms, cerebral palsy, bedwetting, hemorrhoids, laryngitis, ulcers and many others.