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Rich in 20 years of experience, DANA medical company offers an assortment of the highest quality, based on advanced technology and know-how principles. Due to the fact that the needles are inserted directly into the patient's body, they are made of 100% medical grade stainless steel.

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The products DANA Medical guarantee a combination of convenient and safe treatment with the possibility of excellent autoacupuncture,convenience of use and unique technology of polishing needles under an electron microscope, which minimizes the patient's pain during acupuncture.

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DANA maintains a high level thanks to scientific research and continuous development.

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DANA Medical performs the entire process of washing, coating and packaging acupuncture needles in a clean room with the largest surface area (as much as 510 ㎡!) in Korea, which is managed and maintained using an HVAC system along with a HEPA filter,which is the same one that is used in hospital operating rooms. Thanks to this, it is possible to minimize the number of microorganisms in the product before sterilization. Strict control of the cleanliness of the needles is carried out by washing them with high-pressure washers in 4 tanks and ultrasonic washers in 3 more tanks using the highest quality devices.


The needles are sterilized with gamma radiation (DAN106P)or ethylene oxide (DAN100, DAN102, DAN105, DAN106B).

In order to improve efficiency and quality, digital solutionsare involved in the production process, favoring advanced automation. They are used at individual stages, such as: import control, production, distribution and logistics.


DANA Medical carries out a three-stage packaging inspection. All products are checked for tightness, number of needles and number of integers, and at the second and third stages of packaging (multipacks of needles and cartons containing ten boxes each) there are only good products that have passed previous tests.



We offer needles with steel handle with or without a guide, of different diameters and lengths. They are packed in 100, 500 and 1000 pieces.

They are used for acupuncture, dry needling and collagen stimulation using the needle shaping method (autologous threads).