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Vacuum cups made of medical silicone are sterile, soft and flexible. They can be used for acupressure or for massage. These treatments stimulate blood microcirculation, supporting the lymphatic system, break down the subcutaneous fat layer, reduce cellulite, firm and smooth the skin, cleanse pores, reduce wrinkles, remove toxins. Patients appreciate their comprehensive action, they are satisfied with the quickly visible effects.

The treatment with silicone cups is based on the vacuum produced in the cup. It is enough to squeeze the cup, which then applied to the patient's oil-lubricated body, sucks the skin inside. The result of this action is the removal of toxic compounds - in the place of removed white and red blood cells, fresh, oxygen-saturated blood flows, which promotes regeneration.

The advantage of silicone cups is their strength - they are unleathable, resistant to deformation (they do not crumple, and when compressed they immediately return to their original shape), extremely light, very durable, so they can be used for many years. The flexibility of the material allows them to be used on almost all surfaces of the body, where the use of glass cups would be difficult or risky. In addition, the use of therapy itself is simple - just squeeze the cup, and the strength of the vacuum produced can be controlled. The hygiene of the cups is also a benefit, which can be washed with soap and water or other cleaning agents to effectively clean their surface and be reusable.

In the TCM Poland store you will find vacuum banks in various sizes, shapes and colors to be able to fully select the product to your needs... and :) taste