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Ear candling

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Ear candling

Ear candling treatment to get rid of residual earwax has been gaining popularity in recent years. Its undoubted advantage is that it can be done in the comfort of your home in a relatively quick and painless way, and at the same time achieve high efficiency and gain relief from pain. Ear candling is a helpful tool in the prevention of diseases of the ears, throat and nose, inflammation of the tonsils, colds, headache, chronic fatigue syndrome.

To clean the ears, specially prepared 20-centimeter Hopi Indian candles are used, made of the highest quality hand-woven flax fiber and Polish beeswax class I. In the offer of the TCM POLAND store you will find conchs, Hopi candles for adults (with a diameter of 8 mm) and for children (with a diameter of 6 mm). The burning time, depending on the glowing technique, is about 10-15 minutes. Candles have a metal tip that prevents the candle from burning completely and burning the patient or therapist.