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Intradermal needles (intradermal)

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Intradermal needles - intradermal

Widely used in sports acupuncture, intradermal needles were invented by Japanese specialist Dr. Kobei Akabane.
These high-quality needles penetrate only the outer layer of the skin and are ideal for combating muscle soreness and fatigue.

Easy grip

Intradermal needles are tiny, making them harder to place than standard acupuncture needles. To help practitioners, they have easy-to-hold stainless steel loop handles. This makes it easier to place needles.

Long-term sterilization

These needles are sterilized with Gamma rays so that they remain sterile for five years if not opened. This means that practitioners who only occasionally use this type of needle do not have to worry about wasting over time. With five needles in the blister, each of which is tucked away in a sheet of foam, their transportation can also not be easy.