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"We will become the bright light of the East, becoming a leading company based on leading quality that provides a social contribution to the human race."
Dongbang Medical,since its founding in 1985, has strived to produce high-quality medical devices according to the company's concepts of "leading quality", "leading company" and "contribution to society".

Dongbang Medical,based on a modern manufacturing facility and excellent technological facilities, exports its unique brands of high-quality oriental medical devices, fillers, bio medical devices and cosmetic devices to about 50 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, contributing to the improvement of competitiveness.


Dongbang Medical,preparing for unlimited international competition, has invested directly in China, the USA and Brazil, as well as in Korea, to expand its local manufacturing base to enter local markets and use it as a foothold for exports.

Building on the above technological advantage and competitiveness, Dongbang Medical has firmly established its position as the world's leading manufacturer since 2011 and is preparing to leap forward as a global medical device manufacturer.


All Dongbang Medical products are manufactured according to strict quality standards such as KGMP, ISO, CE and FDA.

Dongbang Medical will achieve its goals through creation, innovation and convergence, fulfilling its responsibilities as a medical device manufacturer, responsible for people's lives and health.

CEO of Dongbang Medical co., ltd. Kim Kuen-Sik

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Technological advantage of Dongbang Medical

  1. Precise needle polishing technology
    Dongbang needle polishing technology minimizes pain during acupuncture procedure to provide convenient and safe treatment for both doctors and patients.

  2. Hygienic working environment
    The packing room operates in accordance with KGMP, the standard for the production of excellent medical devices, guaranteeing hygienic quality management. Dongbang needles are most hygienically packaged in an automatic sterile blister packing system in a class 100,000 cleanroom. In addition, Dongbang Needle independently developed an automatic bag packing system in 2009 that will ensure hygiene and quality.

  3. Sterilisation
    Dongbang Needle's independent plant, called the EO gas sterilizer, sterilizes and disinfects blister packs produced from an automated packaging facility. It provides more effective quality management by integrating all needle production processes. However, bagged needles are manufactured by agencies approved for the use of gamma ray sterilization.