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Multi-needle mats and rollers LYAPKO

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Multi-needle mats and rollers LYAPKO

An effective form of rehabilitation has become nowadays therapies using mats and multi-needle rollers. Orders are enriched with a booklet in the form of a manual Applicators LYAPKO. Methodology of application,from which you will learn how to correctly use multi-needle applicators to improve individual body systems. The therapeutic use of mats and rollers is clearly visible in the treatment and prevention of such diseases as ailments related to:

  • diseases and damage to the locomotor apparatus,e.g. myalgia, curvature of the spine, hernia of the spine, symptoms of sciatica, shoulder, femur.
  • diseases of the nervous system,e.g. neurological pain, neuralgie, migraines, cerebral palsy.
  • heart and vascular diseases,e.g. hemorrhoids, varicose veins of the lower limbs.
  • diseases of the respiratory organs,e.g.: carat, angina, bronchial asthma.
  • female diseases,e.g. disorders of the ovulatory-menstrual cycle, inflammation of the appendages.
  • urology,e.g. nervous colic, cystitis, pain in the bladder.
  • skin diseases,e.g. scabies, urticaria, eczema.
  • endocrine diseases,e.g. hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, diabetes, food obesity.