Automeridian Standard
Automeridian Standard
Automeridian Standard

Automeridian Standard

Indeks: AM01

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The AUTOMERIDIAN Standard apparatus allows the use of acupuncture in self-medication.

By replacing the acupuncture needle with an electric impulse, everyone can perform the procedure themselves, without any preparation. This was achieved by specific electrical impulses.

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Automeridian Standard

The basic applications of AUTOMERIDIAN are:

  • elimination of pain (headache, back, rheumatic, post-traumatic, etc.);
  • neurological diseases - neuralgia, insomnia, tinnitus, paresis;
  • ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, gynecology, sexology;
  • colds , cough, runny nose;
  • weight loss;
  • drug treatment of smokers, alcoholics;
  • and many more.

AUTOMERIDIAN, in addition to its high efficiency, stands out from a number of electrostimulants found on the market by the following features:

  • it is small, light, handy, elegantly made; small dimensions allow easy carrying, use at home, work or travel,
  • is safe - low energy of pulses does not cause electric shock,
  • can not harm - according to the reviews of doctors, stimulation restores the imbalance of Yin - Yang, never disturbs it.
  • is economical - one battery is enough for a long period of use, thanks to special systems that reduce its consumption,
  • is easy to operate - the auxiliary wide active electrode makes it easy to find acupuncture points on the trunk, legs or arms, where the points are far apart. The main active electrode, in the shape of a needle ending with a ball, facilitates the stimulation of places with a high density of points, e.g. ear, face, hands,
  • is reliable - the complete absence of cables outside the device practically impossible damage to the cameras. The company provides a warranty for two years.

The following reasons support the use of AUTOMERIDIAN:

  • great therapeutic possibilities in the treatment of all diseases,
  • strengthening the effect of medicines - up to five times!
  • ease of finding points - a modern, automatic electronic system allows you to locate points even for people without any practice,
  • sensational effectiveness when used at an early stage of the disease - e.g. one two-minute stimulation at the first symptoms of a runny nose, angina or flu avoids these diseases.
  • high efficiency of action, associated with a special, patented (patent 165804) method of stimulation. Thanks to the use of pulse packs, we have obtained a reduction in the stimulation time to two minutes - other stimulators produce rectangular or triangular impulses, requiring a long stimulation time (up to half an hour). In addition, we used a frequency similar to the functional waves of the brain, which sometimes results in sensational effects!

By using AUTOMERIDIAN, the user has the chance to take his health into his own hands by eliminating the disease at its beginning and thus saves:

  • time - associated with frequent visits to doctors,
  • money - for medicines; disabled people can also take advantage of the tax relief,
  • health - avoiding excessive amounts of chemicals.

Finding points, contrary to appearances, is quite simple. Hitting the point is confirmed by the feeling of irritation during stimulation - outside the point it is not felt. AUTOMERIDIAN signals optically and acoustically near the point.

After just a few stimulations, you can acquire practice and familiarity, and mastering these elements will bring a lot of satisfaction and benefit and will allow you to discover many new applications. For people who are allergic to skin contact with metals, we have produced devices equipped with gold electrodes, thanks to which AUTOMERIDIAN has become available to everyone.

AUTOMERIDIAN standard - technical data

The AUTOMERIDIAN apparatus gives electrical impulses in packaged form, as shown in the figure next to it. Thanks to this two-frequency assembly, the efficiency has been greatly increased. Low frequency, 5Hz, peni therapeutic role. High frequency, 2200Hz, plays the role of a carrier, easily passing through the skin. Its absence would result in strong current attenuation and low efficiency.
This method of stimulation has been filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and is protected by patent No. 165804.

AUTOMERIDIAN - an instrument with a very wide range of applications is a completely Polish product - from the idea, through construction, to execution. Many years of experience of our company results in better and better solutions - AUTOMERIDIAN is equipped with an automatic sensor that facilitates finding biologically active points. The light installed in the tip of the camera lights up when a point is found, illuminating the skin, so you can immediately see where the point is.

An important novelty is also continuous stimulation, regardless of whether the instrument signals a point. This allows the use of AUTOMERIDIAN in particularly sensitive areas, where the current must be very small, below the threshold of detectability of the point. This opens the way for the use of the camera by children and other people who are very sensitive to electric current.

A 9V battery lasts on average for about 3 months when used by 1 person.