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Creams and oils

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Creams and oils

As the official representative of Namman Muay in Polish we present you the highest quality Thai creams and oils in handy packaging:

  • Thai cream Namman Muay 30 g and 100 g,
  • Thai oil Namman Muay 120 ml and 450 ml.


The creamNamman Muay has an analgesic effect, giving quick relief for athletes, seniors, people suffering from rheumatism, arthrosis.
For years, it has been known on the Polish medical market as a product with excellent anti-inflammatory and warming effects. Noteworthy is its extremely simple composition: methyl salicylate, menthol and eugenol - in the right proportions. The cream is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy stains. It works longer than other creams and ointments.

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Thai oil Namman Muay is recommended to be used before physical exertion to prepare the body for activity and after exercise to help the body recover faster. The oil relieves pain, reduces bruising, swelling, blood clots, which is useful especially in sports such as martial arts and among people preparing for sports competitions.