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asiamed was founded in 1989 by physicians to provide acupuncture specialists with the highest quality products and all types of needles used in acupuncture.

asiamed's motto is to combine Chinese wisdom with modern technology and research to develop and produce the best products for customers.
Human health and safety is asiamed priority. Innovative products enable optimal treatment for the benefit of patients, while guaranteeing optimal integration of acupuncture into everyday practice.

The international asiamed team consists of qualified employees who work at the German plants in Suhl (Thuringia) and Munich-Pullach (Bavaria).


  • Products of the highest quality thanks to controlled and automated production processes,
  • Quality control in Germany,
  • Continuous improvement of the product,
  • The highest quality products have a tangible impact on acupuncture treatments.

In 2000, asiamed started producing acupuncture needles in Suhl, Germany. Due to the long tradition in the production of precision mechanical instruments and high-precision instruments, asiamed has been perfectly prepared for the production of acupuncture needles. Asiamed is close to the University of Ilmenau, which specializes in the processing of fibers and wires. The geographical proximity of this research institute and the qualifications of local workers were important factors in the creation of a modern, automated production process for the creation of first-class acupuncture needles. Unlike acupuncture needles from China, which at that time were still largely handmade, such acupuncture needles could be produced with consistently excellent quality.

Our product line asiamed includes all types and types of acupuncture needles, even those that are required for very specialized treatments, such as gold and silver needles. Our needles are available uncoated or silicone-coated.

For more than 30 years,asiamed has been developing and selling acupuncture needles and acupuncture articles worldwide. Therefore, they not only know perfectly well the quality requirements and standards of medical technology and can also offer you safety and excellent product quality thanks to established control procedures.


Acupuncturists and patients strive for effective treatment. In achieving this goal, an extremely gentle penetration of the acupuncture needle into the skin plays an important role.

The ambition of asiamed is the perfect acupuncture needle. Goal: Uncompromising quality.

In the manufacture of excellent acupuncture needles, five ingredients are decisive:

  1. Quality of steel used
    Low-quality steel contains trapped air that could cause the material to break due to the extremely thin diameters of the wire. asiamed uses only the highest quality medical stainless steel to ensure exceptional flexibility and flawless material composition.

  2. Precise pinpoint sharpening
    Grinding and sharpening a convex blade to a length of only 0.2 mm, given the extremely thin diameters of the needles, is artistry in automatic production. asiamed has designed and developed precision steel processing machines specifically for the production of acupuncture needles in collaboration with universities and manufacturers.

  3. Thorough surface smoothing
    Polishing and grading the needle requires experience and technical knowledge. Our acupuncture needles are polished or electropolisted, so they achieve a particularly smooth surface structure.

  4. Finishing
    Polished needles are covered along the entire length with a thin layer of silicone, which is also used in the production of injection cannulas. The highest quality medical silicone adheres tightly to the needle. Of course, each needle is sterilized and safely packed.

  5. Quality control
    To ensure the standard of our products, the finished needles are subject to strict quality control. Only acupuncture needles that meet our high requirements will pass quality control and be brought to market. In this way, we make sure that both users and patients can rely on our products.

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