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Gua sha therapy 

Gua sha therapy

Gua sha therapy

Etymologically, sha means hematoma, red rash, and gua – scrape, scratch.

Therapy consists of rubbing along the line, in one direction, with appropriate pressure, using a gently sharpened tool on the area of the body smeared with oil that facilitates slipping, until petechiae occurs. These traces disappear after a few days.

For gua sha massage, small stone tiles are used, for example, from jade, or from a specially prepared buffalo horn. Shapes can be different: scallop, rectangle, ring, pen, fish, snail, etc. or in the form of a roller for facial massage. Executioners (knives) made of stainless steel used for pinotherapy (pinopressure) are also helpful.

Recommendations for the use of this type of therapy are pain, problems with mobility, digestive problems, insomnia.