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Chinese rubber cups are a safe alternative to fire glass cups. They were created in order to popularize and simplify the procedure so as to reach as many patients as possible with this method of treatment, bring relief to those who, for various reasons, are afraid or have contraindications to treatment in the traditional form.

Cupping acupressure quickly and effectively treats respiratory infections (e.g. in colds or flu), increases the body's immunity, relieves muscle and joint pain, acute root pain, neuralgia, headaches and migraines, menstrual pain. In cosmetics, cupping is ideal for anti-cellulite massage and skin firming and for peeling.

Rubber cups have different sizes - those with a smaller diameter are suitable for placing and massage more sensitive places, and large ones - for places where the skin is less delicate and the body is more muscular. The age and height of the patient also has to choose the size of the cups. The treatment lasts a few days for 15-20 minutes, but the first effects are visible almost immediately after the procedure.

The product available in the store TCM POLAND without a prescription.