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Glass, silicone (from soft medical silicone), rubber, vacuum and magnetic cups are already known in ancient China an effective method of treatment. It can be successfully used in children from the age of 4 as a therapy for respiratory diseases and as an aid in shaping immunity. The beneficial effect of traditional Chinese medicine is to stimulate the places on the skin responsible for the proper functioning of individual organs and entire systems.

Putting Chinese cups not only cures respiratory infections, but is also gaining popularity as an analgesic and tension-reducing treatment. Therapeutic effects are also given by cupping massage, which stimulates lymphatic drainage, relaxes, helps fight cellulite (the effect of orange peel is reduced) and stretch marks. This gives great results in combination with the use of a balanced diet, drinking the right amount of water per day and regular physical activity.

Cupping therapy is effective and relatively easily available due to the relatively low prices of cups and the possibility of quick purchase from the store's offer TCM Poland on the website, allegro service or stationary store. Cups prices start from a few zlotys gross to about 200 zlotys for the largest set of as many as 17 cups in various sizes in a gift suitcase.