Autologous threads (collagen stimulation) - needle shaping

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The autologous method using threads(needle shaping)is based on the regenerative abilities of the body. It consists in stimulating fibroblasts,i.e. cells contained in the skin that form collagen and elastin (support proteins that form a scaffold for our skin). With the appearance of the first signs of skin aging, wrinkles become visible, and the elasticity and elasticity of the skin decreases.

In the needles inserted into the skin (similar to those used in acupuncture) a current of mixed frequencies flows - you can modify the pulse width and pulse repetition frequency. The treatment causes minimal dehydration of the skin support fibers. For several months, elastin and collagen fibers wrap around the thread, creating a spindle-like structure, thus lifting the skin - hence the name autologous therapy, because the tissue is transplanted by the autologous method. In this way, a lifting and firming effect of the skinis achieved, which remains durable even after the thread has been dissolved for about two years. Decaying threads have a positive effect on the production of hyaluronic acid, i.e. on skin hydration.

It is recommended to perform a series of treatments from 4-6 at intervals of 2-3 weeks to stimulate the skin as best as possible. Needle shaping is the only available, non-invasive methodthat allows you to achieve a lifting effect without administering foreign substances into the patient's skin.

The autologous thread method is a great alternative to PDO threads (synthetic polydioxanone fibers, which, when introduced into the body, decompose in about 200 days). Stimulation needle shaping is recommended for people prone to allergies due to the fact that it does not require interfering with the patient's body using tools other than thin needles conducting an electrical impulse. No foreign bodies are left in the patient's body, so the risk of rejection and allergic reaction disappears, which happens in the case of stimulation using equipment containing nickel, etc.

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