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Professional electrostimulation equipment enables patients and therapists to painless, fast and effective treatments aimed at
- elimination of pain,
- support of the neurological system in the fight against neuralgia, paresis, insomnia, in the process of recovering from addictions,
- acceleration of wound and burn healing, treatment of dermatological changes,
- improvement of immunity,
- weight loss,
- stimulation of the bulbs to accelerate hair growth.

Ergonomic design, small size and the use of advanced technology - these advantages determine the extremely high quality of electro-tools.

We especially recommend: Etan 4 and 6 Kolmio equipment, Ryodoraku Kolmio , Hwato SDZ II device, Automeridian Standard and Cosmetic, Triada comb, disinfection lamps, pointoscopes, biolasers, electrodes.