Kolmio Punktoskop
Kolmio Punktoskop
Kolmio Punktoskop

Kolmio Pointoscope

Indeks: AM12

700.00 PLN

KOLMIO POINTOSCOPE is an electronic acupuncture point detector (the word "pointoscope" means point detector). It allows you to locate points on the body and on the ear, can be used individually and detect points on another person.

3 years warranty

14 days for return
Free delivery from 350 PLN

The device for the location of points uses changes in the resistance and capacity of the skin in the vicinity of acupuncture points, as well as the phenomenon of semiconductivity. Thanks to this, the points are located very precisely and with great ease.

The user has the opportunity to observe changes in the electrical characteristics of the skin while running the electrode in the vicinity of the point. The adjustable sensitivity of the detector allows you to locate the point with high precision. Hitting a point is indicated by a thrust and a bright LED.

When searching for your own acupuncture points, the built-in passive electrode works great - in the form of a plaque wrapped around the camera. When locating acupuncture points on another person, an additional passive electrode that plugs into an outlet in the camera is useful.

Thanks to this electrode, the user of the apparatus is not under the current of the point detector.

KOLMIO The pointoscope is powered by two CR2032 lithium batteries.