Kolmio Etan 4
Kolmio Etan 4

Kolmio Etan 4

Indeks: ETAN 4

4,200.00 PLN

The ETAN 4KOLMIO electrostimulator is a portable cabinet electrostimulator, powered by batteries. Its applications include TENS electrostimulation, electropuncture and electroaconpuncture. Due to the large possibilities of adjusting stimulating impulses, the camera is recommended for a wide range of users.

Possibility of connecting needles to the device.

3 years warranty.

14 days for return
Free delivery from 350 PLN
The ETAN 4KOLMIO electrostimulator is used for:
  • elimination of neurological, rheumatic and phantom pains,
  • fight against addictions,
  • wrinkle removal,
  • Slimming
  • healing of wounds and burns,
  • elimination of injuries, combating stage fright,
  • treatment of rheumatic, neurological and many other diseases.

The ETAN 4KOLMIO electrostimulator is applicable:

  • in hospitals,
  • in doctors' offices,
  • in analgesic clinics,
  • in dental offices,
  • in wellness rooms,
  • in sports clubs,
  • in sanatoriums.

Ergonomic design, modern digital techniques used ensure comfort of use, as well as reliability and stability of the camera's operating parameters.

The ETAN 4KOLMIO can be connected to a computer and controlled by a program that allows the creation of advanced therapeutic and physiotherapeutic therapies.

The ETAN 4 electrostimulatorKOLMIO has the following capabilities:
  • four independent channels, enabling simultaneous stimulation of up to 8 acupuncture points,
  • work with surface and puncture electrodes,
  • two modes of operation (simple and pre-packaged pulses),
  • choice of polarity (positive, negative, alternating),
  • jointly for all channels adjustable frequency,
  • independently for each channel adjustable amplitude,
  • special electrode for stimulation of acupuncture points,
  • automatic acupuncture point detector.
KOLMIO ETAN4 - ekran

The equipment of the ETAN 4 electrostimulatorKOLMIO includes:

  • LiIon battery 2600mAh, 7,2V,
  • power supply for charging the akumuotor,
  • case
  • computer connection cable (USB connection),
  • computer control program,
  • 4 pairs of wires to stimulate the body,
  • starter set of self-adhesive electrodes,
  • passive and active electrode for electropoints and point detection,
  • a technical instruction manual explaining how to use the apparatus,
  • medical instruction manual, explaining the uses of the camera - the book "Your health in your hands"

KOLMIO ETAN 4 is a medical device that meets the requirements of the European Union Medical Directive and has a certificate of conformity.

Basic technical parameters of the camera:

Number of channels 4

Operating modes 1. Pulse current, straight pulses
2. Pulse current, pre-packaged pulses

Mode 1 data
Frequency adjustable from 0.5 to 200 Hz
Pulse width adjustable from 40 to 1000μs

Mode 2 data
Base frequency adjustable from 0.5 to 60 Hz
Carrier frequency adjustable from 100 to 2000 Hz
Filling packages adjustable from 10 to 60%

Amplitude of current
For surface electrodes adjustable from 0 to 40 mA
For puncture electrodes adjustable from 0 to 20 mA

Polarity 1. Positive
2. Negative
3. Alternating
4. Change every few seconds

Treatment time adjustable from 1s to 99min

Channel separation Temporal and impedance

Additional functions
Electrode for electroacupuncture Additional input
Acupuncture point detector Together with electroacupuncture electrode
Current meter Digital for all channels