Acupuncture / dry needling

Comb for electrical stimulation (Triada)


AUTOMERIDIAN cosmetic is equipped with a socket for connection of additional accessories. The first is the comb for electrical stimulation of hair follicles.

The Comb for the electrical stimulation of hair roots. 

WARNING: TRIADA brush is equipped AUTOMERIDIAN cosmetic and only with it can be used!

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230,00 zł tax incl.

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During the combing electrodes of a comb are touching the scalp and transmit electrical stimulation.

With using the TRIADA brush we achieve:

  • ehnahced blood supply to the cells and therefore increased nutrient supply to the hair roots,
  • strenghtening and causing proper growth of hair,
  • limiting thr falling out of hair together with their roots,
  • making the hair naturally shiny,
  • growth of healthy and beautiful hair.


  • Automeridian cosmetic standard help in self-treatment by acupuncture therapy. Extra large active electrode allows you to perform a very effective massage.  Now AUTOMERIDIAN cosmetic is equpped with a socket for connecting additional accessories.Currently we are offering TRIADA brush for electrostimulating hair roots, precision electrode and universal...

    350,00 zł