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Modern bubble therapy

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by Gilmartin Shannon
Publisher: Purana
ISBN: 9788360170922
Languages: Polish
Year of publication: 2018
Number of pages: 256
Size: 19.5x26.5cm
Binding: Soft

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Modern bubble therapy


For a long time, in many well-known athletes, we have been seeing proudly worn characteristic, round marks on the body. Known since ancient times, bubble therapy is increasingly used as a complementary and alternative treatment. It uses commonly available bubbles that can be easily and safely placed also at home. They suck and lift tissues, relieving pain, inflammation, digestive and circulatory ailments and stress. Bubble therapy is used to treat many diseases and ailments, from stress, tension of the shoulder and back muscles, to carpal tunnel syndrome, joint diseases and sinusitis, and even gastroesophageal reflux disease.

It is used in athletes (to increase their efficiency) and in pregnant women. This is a method of treatment that works well in relieving inflammation. Shannon Gilmartin talks about different types of bubbles and their applications. It explains how to place bubbles effectively and safely at home and brings us closer to the many advantages of this therapy, which has been used for centuries.

SHANNON GILMARTIN is a licensed specialist and instructor in the field of massage and vacuum therapy. In addition to the main area of interest, which is cupping massage, he has over fifteen years of experience in such manual therapies as therapeutic massage, myofascial relaxation, neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, rehabilitation after soft tissue injuries, Thai massage and visceral manipulation. He teaches in the United States and abroad. He practices in Virginia Beach.