Acupuncture / Dry needling

Vacuum cups with pump - 24 pcs.


Set of 24 pcs. plastic vacuum cups of various sizes.

In each set of cups there is an instruction manual in Polish.

Inner diameter of cups:

- 6 cm (4 pcs)

- 5 cm (4 pcs)

- 4 cm (4 pcs)

- 3.5 cm (4 pcs)

- 2.0 cm (4 pcs)

- spring-loaded magnetic pins (8 pcs)

hose length: 65 cm

More details

56,00 zł gross

-79,00 zł

135,00 zł gross

More information

Vacuum cups with pump - 24 pcs.

The set includes:

  • cups 24 pcs.
  • Pump
  • instruction in Polish

A set of Chinese triple-acting vacuum cups:

  • vacuum operation
  • magnetic field operation
  • stimulation of points with a sharpened magnet tip (it can be dismantled by pulling it out)

The principle of operation: vacuum is created by sucking air with a special pump after applying the cup to the skin, and the valve located at the end of each of them maintains this state inside them. During the procedure, the magnet tip compresses and stimulates the acupuncture points with a magnetic field.

Vacuum cups (fireless) are gaining more and more popularity due to the convenience of placing them (thanks to the cup tube you can put without the help of another person even on your back) and safety (no possibility of burning as with glass cups).

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