Krople Toda HEARTofGOLD Formula™
Krople Toda HEARTofGOLD Formula™

Drops Toda HEART of GOLD Formula™ 120 ml

Indeks: TODA 120

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The best remedy on the market to combat atherosclerotic problems. Already after several uses visible effects.

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Since I take Tod drops I have less trouble moving my physical activity has increased significantly. In addition, I have vision problems, for fifteen years I have been using drops for glausia. After a year of taking Toda drops and after that, specialist studies showed that drops for glausia are no longer needed, the disease stopped. Thank you.

Małgorzata Korzeniowska – disability from birth with polio diagnosis, moves with the help of orthopedic apparatus and a crutch. For 35 years she played sports. Multiple medalist of Polish, Europe and World Archery – bronze medal at the Paralympics in Sidney 2000.

Malgorzad Korzeniowska

Multiple Medalist of Polish, Europe and World in archery



Garlic, Hawthorn, Bilberry, Sea buckthorn, Hot pepper.

All components of TODA dropsare clean, ecological (Certified Organic)
and grow without chemical-genetic intervention (NOGMO).
No chemical additives or synthetic preservatives.

This is an ancient recipe that was formulated in phyto-pharmacological laboratories in

Vancouver, Canada, with strict application of international standards

GMP quality.

Microbiologists have been conducting experiments and researching for several years

detailed properties of each plant (listed in the composition) to obtain

the right formula that enables healthy communication between cells

of the body, facilitating the maintenance of balance in the body.

Possible combinations of plants most rich in nutrients were checked.

Five of them were included in the composition of the HEARTofGOLD Formula herbal formula™

When Plants have the right natural growing conditions, they build their natural

immunity, they grow at their own pace, they pull out of the ground everything they need to

be strong and healthy.

"PLANTS used in HEARTofGOLD Formula by TODA drops


Thanks to the high-quality natural ingredients contained in Toda drops, it does not come

for interaction with other nutrients, there are no contraindications to their

and they do not cause side effects.


All indicators, nutritional values, bio-availability

and the effectiveness of the ingredients present in TODA products remain unchanged

regardless of the minimal changes in the color and taste of the final product.

The taste and color of the final product may vary slightly.

This variety is the result of natural atmospheric and soil factors,

which affect plants during their growth period

Toda drops have a unique herbal formula that is practically impossible to duplicate.

The production of drops takes place in the process of microbiological incubation,in strictly defined

laboratory conditions, under constant monitoring. This allowed to preserve -in each

from the plants used - health properties.

Due to the method of administration of the preparation (subnual venous zone), very important

it is for plant extracts to be biologically pure,because the formula goes directly

into the bloodstream, making it safe to use.


From raw materials to the finished product, all procedures are followed

SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Scientists also paid attention to this:

In order for the formula to be highly effective, the manufacturer of TODA drops uses only

certified organic ingredients.

This makes HEARTofGOLD Formula ™replenishes the body

in the highest quality nutrients,such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

"Preservation of value in plants in the production process -

The right combination of ingredients in synergy of their action"

The right combination of ingredients and a safe way of assimilation (under the tongue)

by the body allows you to take the formula even by people with system problems


TODA products are licensed by the Canadian Ministry of HealthNHPL (Natural

Health Product License).

Certificate - certificate of release for free circulation in the territory of the European Union.