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Water alkalizing stick

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Water alkalizing stick

The perforated container contains several layers of minerals inside. As water passes through these layers, it becomes saturated with hydrogen, changing its pH to a more alkaline one.

At the same time, it reduces its ORP to a value from -30mV to -250mV.

Cartridge content:

tourmaline, zinc, germanium, Muyu stone, mainfanshi, magnesium.

Drinking water after using the cartridge has a number of advantages:

  • stops aging processes, reduces inflammatory processes in the body,
  • supports treatment of autoimmune diseases,
  • and even cures cancer,
  • protects the nervous system,
  • improves metabolism and body regeneration,
  • helps fight infections thanks to its strong antioxidant properties,
  • antibacterial and anti-inflammatory,
  • neutralizes free radicals,
  • supports blood circulation
  • and also effectively hydrates the body
  • and accelerates wound healing thanks to the action of negative ions, which are extremely effective beneficial to the human body.

User manual:

1. Before first use, rinse the alkalizing cartridge under running water for several seconds. This operation is intended to remove any dust. Now the cartridge is ready for use.

2. You can use the alkalizing cartridge for both cold and hot drinks. You can put it in both a water bottle and a glass of tea.

3. One alkalizing cartridge is enough to ionize a maximum of 500 ml of water. The duration of ionization is 20 minutes. After this time, your water is ready to drink. It is recommended to ionize smaller batches of water.

Healthy, clean, safe mineral water.

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