Multi-needle applicator LYAPKO "Mat Large" 7.0 - 27.5x48 cm

Indeks: L MAT DUŻA7,0

400.00 PLN

Technical parameters:
♦ dimensions – 275×480mm;
♦ spacing between needles – 7.0 mm;
♦ number of needles – 2710;
♦ composition of needles: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver;
♦ base: medical rubber

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Multi-needle applicator LYAPKO "Mat Large" 7.0 - 27.5x48 cm

Each order is accompanied free of charge by the booklet "Applicators LYAPKO. Methodology of application",where the essence of surface multi-needle therapy, mechanisms of action of multi-needle applicators, indications for the use of the above-mentioned therapy and a detailed description of carrying out treatments for specific ailments are described in great detail.


A characteristic property of the dr LYAPKO "Mata M" 7.0 Ag applicator is a large impact area, thanks to which it has increased therapeutic effectiveness. It is the largest rehabilitation mat with needles of all multi-needle applicators – mat Dr. LYAPKO, so it is recommended to apply it to large areas of the body – back or abdomen. Treatments performed with the use of such a large mat are complex treatments characterized by very high efficiency in the therapy of diseases and damage to the motor apparatus such as: symptoms of sciatica, shoulder, femoral), discopathies, protrusions and hernias of the intervertebral disc, degenerative changes, post-traumatic states, myalgia, curvature of the spine and many others. Such a mat can also be used as a rug under the legs (preferably in a sitting position) in order to perform reflexological procedures on the feet – aimed at improving the functioning of organs and internal systems and to stimulate blood circulation. Lying on the mat with your stomach can be used in the prevention and comprehensive therapy of diseases of the digestive system such as constipation, colic, biliary dyskinesia or obesity. The multi-needle applicator Dr. LYAPKO "Mata M" 7.0 Ag thanks to its huge therapeutic and rehabilitation capabilities qualifies in the forefront of interest in it among all mat applicators.

With this type of large applicator, an important condition for successful treatment and the absence of discomfort is the correct laying on it. With correct arrangement, the relative-uncomfortable sensations of the first five minutes pass into sensations of pleasant heat, vibration, pulsation, often end with a full-fledged healthy sleep. In order to properly arrange the applicator, it is necessary to most precisely arrange the bends of the spine with the help of correctly arranged pillows and terrot towels twisted with rollers.

With discomfort felt within 10-15 minutes, the applicator should be reused only after 5-10 hours or only on the next day. The causes of discomfort may be: incorrect positioning of the applicator, i.e. uneven load on the needles.

In order to remove the discomfort, you should rise above the applicator and lie on it again, putting a soft roller under the knee joints earlier.

The time of the session, i.e. the time of impact on the skin of the applicator (lying on it), is closely related to obtaining the desired (required) effect:
- for toning, anesthesia for acute pain, for increasing efficiency and blood pressure with hypotonia – about 7-10 minutes;
- to weaken or even remove long-term chronic pain, lower blood pressure, relax and sleep effect - about 15-30 minutes and longer.

Different people have different skin sensitivity, so the time of application for each person will be different. The determinant of the moment of completion of the procedure, especially when using a multi-needle applicator to relax or remove long-term chronic pains, will be the penetrating heat at the application site and the gradual discomfort sensation. Some people can perform the procedure even within 2 hours.

Duration of therapy – 1-2 weeks. It can be repeated after 10-14 days. In practice, by using the applicator every day within a few months, you can count on a lasting improvement in well-being, removal of chronic pains, weight reduction, increase in life vigor and efficiency of the body.

The spacing of the needles of applicators-mats is selected according to the individual sensitivity of the skin, which is not always dependent on age. For children and people with increased skin sensitivity or slim physique, it is recommended to use flat applicators with a needle spacing of 4.9-5.8 mm. For people with low or medium skin sensitivity and people with a more severe structure, it is recommended to use flat applicators with a needle spacing of 6.2-7.0 mm.


At home – it is recommended to wash the applicator with liquid soap and running water and dry after washing with a stream of hot air (dryer).

With the correct use of the applicator, its shelf life is 5-7 years.

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