Multi-needle applicator LYAPKO "Universal roller M" 3,5


185.00 PLN

Technical parameters of the shaft:
♦ shaft dimensions – 45×70 mm;
♦ spacing between needles – 3.5 mm;
♦ number of needles – 496;
♦ composition of needles: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver;
♦ base: medical rubber

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Multi-needle applicator LYAPKO "Universal roller M" 3,5

Each order is accompanied free of charge by the booklet "Applicators LYAPKO. Methodology of application",where the essence of surface multi-needle therapy, mechanisms of action of multi-needle applicators, indications for the use of the above-mentioned therapy and a detailed description of carrying out treatments for specific ailments are described in great detail.

Universal roller – thanks to the optimal size of the working surface and the distances between the needles, it can be used by people of all ages without restrictions. Simple method of use, safety, non-invasiveness and high efficiency allow it to be recommended not only for use by specialists but also for independent use at home.

The rehabilitation roller of Dr. LYAPKO is designed to affect various parts of the body, but it is most convenient to massage sections of the body with small rays of curvature: back, shoulders, neck, head, joints, the outer part of the foot, arms and legs. It also works well with face and cleavage massage.

The roller treatment should last on average about 10-15 minutes on each part of the body being massaged. The exact time of impact depends on the sensitivity of the skin and on the specific symptoms.

When applied to the back and other hard-to-reach parts of the body, the use of a roller requires the help of another person.

In the case of "excess" syndrome (acute and intense pains, increased blood pressure, irritability, agitation, insomnia), it is recommended to use applicators in the second half of the day or before bedtime. The operating time for the roller is approx. 10-15 minutes.

With the "deficiency" syndrome (chronic pain, usually arising at night, drowsiness, weakness, reduced sensitivity, in sick and elderly people), the impact is most effective in the morning and in the first half of the day. The time of application of the applicator approx. 7-10 minutes, the impact of the roller 3-7 minutes.

The universal roller Dr. LYAPKO is also recommended for slimming and correcting the figure – as a roller for cellulite. Roller application therapy is also aimed at getting rid of body fat, cellulite and reducing body weight.

It is also ideal for facial massage thanks to the minimum spacing between the needles. Thanks to the formation of galvanic currents at the tips of the needles and between them, the "Universal Roller" applicator actively affects the muscles of the face and neck. By toning the skin, we achieve a lifting effect, improve the oval of the face and raise the second chin.

The needles of the roller, touching the skin, do not damage it. The method is effective, pleasant and non-invasive, that is, it completely excludes the transmission of infection.


At home – it is recommended to wash the applicator with liquid soap and running water and dry after washing with a stream of hot air (dryer).

In medical facilities, commonly used medical preparations are used to disinfect the surface of the equipment for sterilization of applicators.

With the correct use of the applicator, its shelf life is 5-7 years.

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