KOREAN DANA needles with steel handle and guide 1000 pcs. in pouch

Indeks: DAN106P

139.00 PLN

In the package 1000 pcs. Needles.

Packed in a pouch of 10 pcs. needles + 1 guide.

Manufacturer: DANA Medical, Korea

Needle size

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KOREAN DANA needles with steel handle and guide 1000 pcs. in pouch

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High quality sterile acupuncture needles made of surgical medical steel.
They are used for treatment, but not for injection (they are not used to administer the drug).

Each needle consists of a body, a Korean spring handle steel handle (in the form of a spring wound on a needle) without a loop and a guide that facilitates the insertion of the needle into the patient's body.

They are sterilized with gamma radiation.

These needles are suitable for acupuncture, dry needling, electrostimulation and needle shaping with autologous threads.

The exceptional sharpness of the needle provides greater comfort for the patient during the procedure.

Needle imported from Korea for the most demanding customers. Excellent quality at a very good price!

1. External appearance and structure and dimensions of the needle:

(1) Guide (guide tube): an auxiliary tool in the shape of a slender, long tube in which the needle is placed. It is used to easily insert the needle into the patient's body.

(2) Acupuncture needle: driven through the skin into the patient's body.

(3) Needle body: part of the acupuncture needle that is inserted into the human body.

(4) Needle holder: part of the acupuncture needle that is not punctured into the human body. It remains held in the doctor's hand.

(5) Needle tip: a sharp tip at the end of the acupuncture needle body, which is inserted into the human body.

(6) Cap: used to hold the acupuncture needle in the guide tube.


- They are chosen by customers who use many needles during one treatment.

- They are sterilized by gamma rays.

Acupuncture needle - technical parameters:

1) Box content: 10 needles + 1 guide / 1000pcs

2) Sterilization: gamma rays

3) Specification:

(1) Diameter [mm]: 0.16 to 0.50
(2) Length [mm]: 15 to 60

Needle diameter
od 0,16 mm do 0,50 mm
Długość igły
od 15 mm do 60 mm
Guide tube
one guide tube in a blister
korean type spring handle
Handle material
1000 needles
Pcs in a package
per 10 needles