Acupuncture / Dry needling

Physiotherapist kit 4 x DAN100 needles + 0.7 l container

ZEST 4xDAN100 i pojemnik

4 x 100 pcs. needles + needle container 0.7 l

Packed in blister 1 needle + 1 guide

Manufacturer: DANA Medical, Korea

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94,50 zł gross

-10,00 zł

104,50 zł gross


Needle diameterod 0,25 mm do 0,30 mm
Długość igłyod 25 mm do 50 mm
Prowadnicado każdej igły
Uchwytkoreański typu spring handle
Materiał uchwytustood
Liczba sztuk w opakowaniu400 szt.

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Included in the package CHEAPER!

  • DAN100 0.25 x 40 mm - pack of 100 pcs. Needles
  • DAN100 0.30 x 30 mm - pack of 100 pcs. Needles
  • DAN100 0.30 x 50 mm - pack of 100 pcs. Needles
  • DAN100 0.25 x 25 mm - pack of 100 pcs. Needles
  • container for used needles 0.7 l - 1 piece.

High quality sterile acupuncture needles made of surgical steel. Spring handle steel handle. These needles are also suitable for electrostimulation.

The exceptional sharpness of the needle increases and provides greater comfort for the patient during acupuncture and dry needling.

Needle imported from Korea for the most demanding customers.

Excellent quality at a very good price!


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