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DMSO for common ailments Evelyne Laye

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DMSO what is it?

A natural remedy to improve health

Almost everyone who has experienced the effects of DMSO describes it as a truly miraculous drug. It has the widest spectrum of medicinal uses ever assigned to a single substance.

It helps with a variety of ailments and supports health without side effects. It significantly relieves pain, inhibits inflammation and brings great relief in diseases such as arthritis or arthrosis, sports injuries and countless other ailments. Thanks to its easy solubility, it penetrates deep into the tissues.

It has an antioxidant and cell regenerating effect and is able to increase the absorption of other beneficial substances. In the book you will find the answer to the question what DMSO is and what it helps.

The most important features of dimethyl sulfoxide:

– relieves pain; – inhibits inflammation; – has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties;

– helps get rid of excess water; – transports many substances across membranes; – accelerates wound healing; – reduces clotting; – has an antioxidant effect; – relaxes muscles; – enhances the effect of other drugs; – improves tissue oxygenation; – smoothes scars; – supports the treatment of women's diseases; – strengthens immunity; – strengthens the heart;

– protects cells against frost and radiation; - calms down; – prevents atherosclerosis.

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