Moksa rolled smokless Su Jok Bulgarian 1 op. (5 pcs.)

Indeks: MOXA055 BG

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Smokless moxa.

Package quantity: 5 pack

Length: 11 cm

Diameter: 1,2 cm

Country: Bulgaria

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Smokless rolling moxa Su Jok Bulgarian 1 op. (5 pcs.)

Package quantity: 5 pack

Length: 11 cm

Diameter: 1,2 cm

Country: Bulgaria

SU-JOK Moxa Mugwort Smokeless (escentless) is obtained in a special process of thickened carbonization of Artemid herbs in order to eliminate smoke formed during the combustion of these plants, while maintaining their beneficial properties.

Odd-free smokless moxa is a mixture of mud aged for over 3 years and oak coal, from which cigars with a width of 12 mm are formed.

In this type of moxa, no herbs other than aged mugwort are used. It is intended for people sensitive to the aromas of herbs used in fragrant moxia.

Moxa cigars are used in Su-Jok therapy as well as in traditional acupuncture. The healing effect is achieved by warming up the painful point of Su-Jok (or traditional acupuncture) with the burning end of the cigar.

The treatment with smokless moxia is clean and pleasant. You can easily exercise at home, in front of the TV while watching a cool movie. The healing effect is extremely strong, and in some cases even exceeds that achieved by stimulation with needles.

Bulgarian smokless moxa is one of the best in the world.

One cigar of smokeless moxa burns slowly and continuously for about 120-140 minutes. For comparison, cigars of competing companies burn for 60-70 minutes.

Pack of 5 cigars.

Cigar length - 10 cm (4').

Cigar spacing - 12 mm (0.5').

Smoking time - about 120-140 minutes.

Ingredients: mugwort (matured 3 years), oak.