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Wax candles for ear canning hopi type 6 mm 10 pcs. (5 pairs)


The package contains 10 pieces of candles (5 pairs).

The candles are 22 cm long and about 6 mm wide. They are fitted to the child's ear.

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Wax candles for ear canning hopi type 6 mm 10 pcs. (5 pairs)

The candles we offer are made by hand from natural fabric soaked in beeswax. They are made of high quality domestic cotton and Polish class I wax.
Burning time - depending on the technique - about 10 minutes. Candles have a metal tip that prevents the candle from being completely burned and the patient or therapist from burning.

Ear candling is helpful and indicated for ailments such as:

- hearing loss

- migraine

- headaches and dizziness

- ringing in the ears, tinnitus of various origins

- diseases of the ears, throat, nose (acute and chronic inflammation of the nose, ear, throat and tonsils)

- cold

- cleaning the ear from wax plug

- states of nervousness, excitability and stress

- sleep disorders

By burning the candle, a vacuum is created, and the chimney effect is created as a result of the movement of air.

Substances contained in beeswax and herbal extracts in the form of steam get inside the ear, warming it from the inside. These substances circulate under pressure remove deposits and impurities, improving the blood circulation of the ear and sinuses, while strengthening the immune system of the site.

The glowing procedure is recommended to be performed 4-6 times at intervals of 3-7 days to obtain the desired effect with a break tailored to the body's reaction.

The device should not be used in case of damage to the tympanic membrane and external ear canal, allergic reaction to beekeeping products, purulent leakage from the ear and cancer processes within the head.

Price per pack of 10 candles (5 pairs).

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