Acupuncture / Dry needling

Needles CLOUD&DRAGON with plastic handle with guide siliconized 100 pcs.

In the package 100 pcs. needles, each packaged separately.

For facial acupuncture.

For cosmetic acupuncture.

Country: China

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28,90 zł gross


Needle diameterod 0,12 mm do 0,16 mm
Długość igłyod 7 mm do 15 mm
Prowadnicado każdej igły
Uchwytbez pętelki
Materiał uchwytuplastic
Liczba sztuk w opakowaniu100

More information

CLOUD&DRAGON needles with plastic handle with silicone guide 100 pcs.

CLOUD&DRAGON needles with plastic handle and silicone guide 100 pcs.

Needle made of surgical steel, with plastic handle and guide, silicone, sterile.

Ideal for facial acupuncture.

Not recommended for electrostimulation.

Disposable needle with excellent value for money. The needle has a silicone coating that ensures a painless introduction. The blister pack has a paper bottom that can be easily peeled off and allows the needle to be removed quickly. The blister type packaging is sterilized in EOgas. One acupuncture needle per blister chamber. There are different sizes to choose from.

The manufacturer is CE and ISO certified.

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