Set of 4 cups for face and body massage

The set includes 4 pieces of silicone cups for body and face massage.

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41,80 zł gross


44,00 zł gross

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Set of 4 cups for face and body massage


- large cup BSIL1 D height: 8 cm inner diameter: 5 cm

- small cup BSIL1 height: 5.5 cm inner diameter: 3.5 cm

- face cup large BSIL F D height: 8 cm inner diameter: 2 cm

- face cup small BSIL F M height: 5 cm inner diameter: 0.7 cm

Colors selected at random. If you want to receive a specific cup color, please send us a message.

Available in 5 colours:

- white

- blue

- green

- pink

- purple

BSIL1 D large cup available in two colors:

- white

- green

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