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Thai cream 100 g + Painkillers with moxia for lumbago


A traditional Chinese method of treatment as old as acupuncture, but using heating the appropriate points on the body, instead of puncturing them.

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Analgesic patches with moxia


A traditional Chinese method of treatment as old as acupuncture but using heating the appropriate points on the body instead of puncturing them.

COMPOSITION: Boswellic Preparation, Radix Angelicae Pubescentis, Oleum Menthae Dementholatum

CHARACTERISTICS: This product combines modern technology with traditional Chinese medicine. Looking for the root cause of the disease, it strengthens the body's immunity and eliminates its effects . Both acupuncture and Moxa use the principle of meridian, i.e. energy channels that run through our body and connect certain organs or organ systems, MOXA, otherwise known as ignipuncture, has a warming effect on the body's acupuncture and at the same time causes the absorption of herbs through the skin. It warms up and stimulates energy channels to equalize Qi energy and blood circulation by peneering into the internal organs of the body. In this way, it removes moisture and cold, regulates Ying and Yang energies, Qi energy and blood circulation, strengthens Qi energy by eliminating blockages, strengthens vital Qi by eliminating pathogens and, as a result, cures disease. The use of this MOXY in places known from acupuncture acts on pain from the outside, has obvious therapeutic effects, is safe and has no toxic side effects.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: external use, glue the MINGMEN point (at navel level, see Figure 1)

1. With acute pain: MOXA glued directly at the site of pain quickly brings relief; moXA used heats for more than 10 hours contributing to the reduction of pain

2.Therapeutic use: Continue sticking MOXY to the Mingmen point (see Figure 1); one MOXA should be worn for 10 hours, one treatment period is 7 days, stop treatment for 2 days, and if necessary, repeat again. Usually, after seven days, treatment brings a clear improvement.


1. This product is for external use only!

Contraindications: Not recommended for people with skin hypersensitivity and allergic to the glue used in the adhesive; pregnant women; Diabetics

Storage: Store in a dry, airy and cool place.

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture (See on the packaging).

Contents: 2 MOXY per box.


- Thai analgesic cream, has a positive effect on movement disorders
- Indicated for athletes, adults and seniors
- Helps with rheumatic ailments and arthrosis
- For athletes beneficial before and after training
- Does not leave a sticky surface, is quickly absorbed.

Composition: Methyl salicylate, Menthol, Eugenol.

- Relieves pain after the first use
- Works much longer than other creams and ointments
- Used in muscle pain, joint pain, swelling, bruising and clots
- As an adjunct to rheumatic ailments and arthrosis
- Perfectly stimulates blood circulation in muscles and skin
- Warming and anti-inflammatory effect

Directions for use:

- Spread directly to the sore spot, 2-3 times a day
- Wash hands thoroughly, avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and open wounds
- After application, do not cover
- It should not be used by people with hypersensitivity to the ingredients contained
- Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women
- The product is intended for external use


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