Acupuncture / dry needling

Set of silicone cupping 12 pcs

The set contains 12 pcs of silicone bubbles in 5 sizes.

Available colours:

- pink

- red

- navy blue

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49,99 zł tax incl.

-24,91 zł

74,90 zł tax incl.

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Cupping dimension:

2 pcs 3,5cm cup width 2,3cm cup hole width 4 cm height

4 pcs 4,5cm cup width 3 cm cup hole width 3,5 cm height

2 pcs 5.8cm cup width 3.7cm cup hole width 2.6cm height

2 pcs 6.8cm cup width 4.7cm cup hole width 2.2cm height

2 pcs 7.5 cm cup width 5.5 cm cup hole width 1.6 cm height