Acupuncture / Dry needling

Green silicone bubbles 4 pcs. + facial massage brush


4 pieces included.

Inner diameter dimension:

- 6.3 cm (1 pc)

- 5.0 cm (1 pc)

- 4.0 cm (1 pc)

- 2.5 cm (1 pc)

COLOR GREEN SEMI-TRANSPARENT (visible in figure 1).

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59,90 zł gross

-5,00 zł

64,90 zł gross

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Green silicone bubbles 4 pcs. + facial massage brush

1. Green silicone bubbles 4 pcs. + facial massage brush + pouch

The bubbles are made of medically purpose silicone.

Silicone bubbles can be used to:

  • placing bubbles on the body for medicinal purposes in accordance with the principles of medicine (acupuncture)
  • massage (also anti-cellulite)

Silicone bubbles are characterized by a number of advantages:

  • are lightweight, non-breaking, resistant to impact, crushing
  • are characterized by very high durability of the material ensuring many years of use
  • due to their flexibility, they can be used in areas of the body that prevent the use of glass bubbles.
  • extremely easy to apply (just press the bubble to the body and let go)
  • easy control of the vacuum generated (the issue of stronger or weaker pressing of the bubble)
  • they are easy to keep clean - they are washed with water and soap

Performing a massage is especially recommended during bathing or in the shower.

2. Facial massage brush FREE

Silicone toothbrush. Effectively removes any impurities and unclogs pores. In addition, it is also intended for make-up removal and peeling with the use of cosmetics. It will also work well for facial massage, which will improve the blood supply to the skin. Thanks to its handy size, it will be perfect on the go. After use, wash the product thoroughly and let it dry.

  • Silicone toothbrush.
  • Perfect for washing and massage the face.
  • Improves skin microcirculation.
  • It cleanses pores and skin from all impurities.
  • It will work well on the go.


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