Acupuncture / Dry needling

Silicone bubbles pink - 4 pcs.


Includes 4 pieces with a pouch.

Inner diameter dimension:

- 6.3 cm (1 pcs.)

- 5.0 cm (1 pcs.)

- 4.0 cm (1 pcs.)

- 2.5 cm (1 pcs.)

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59,90 zł gross

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Silicone bubbles pink - 4 pcs.

The bubbles are made of medically purpose silicone.

Silicone bubbles can be used to:

  • placing bubbles on the body for medicinal purposes in accordance with the principles of medicine (acupuncture)
  • massage (also anti-cellulite)

Silicone bubbles are characterized by a number of advantages:

  • are lightweight, non-breaking, resistant to impact, crushing
  • are characterized by very high durability of the material ensuring many years of use
  • due to their flexibility, they can be used in areas of the body that prevent the use of glass bubbles
  • extremely easy to apply (just press the bubble to the body and let go)
  • easy control of the vacuum generated (the issue of stronger or weaker pressing of the bubble
  • they are easy to keep clean - they are washed with water and soap

Performing a massage is especially recommended during bathing or in the shower.

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