Gold Tape – various colors (5 cm x 5 m) - 10 pcs.

Gold Tape kinesiotaping tapes equipped with a strong adhesive that provides adhesion on the skin for up to several days. The medical product is available in many color variants.

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Gold Tape – various colors (5 cm x 5 m) - 10 pcs.

Gold Tape is an elastic kinesiotaping tape made of high quality cotton fabric and acrylic layer covered with strong glue. The perfect combination of materials ensures air permeability,which prevents irritation and burns of the skin, which can be caused by sweat or soaking. Taping tapes provide flexibility similar to human muscles. They support the work of the musculoskeletal and lymphatic system. Elastic Gold Tape allows you to reduce pain, stabilizes and accelerates the convalescence process of damaged muscles and joints without limiting movement. Proper application of teeps provides strong stabilization and will give the right direction to damaged structures. Sports tapes are intended for physiotherapists, physiotherapists, pediatricians and other specialists who work with the kinesiotaping method on a daily basis.

Advantages of Gold Tape:

  • high-quality cotton with an acrylic layer covered with glue,
  • air permeability – prevents irritation and burns,
  • waterproof – you can bathe and swim in them,
  • ultra-strong glue – tejps are extremely durable – up to 5 days,
  • stretch in the range of 130-140% – in one direction, just like the skin,
  • thickness and weight close to the parameters of the skin,
  • hypoallergenic – does not contain latex or medicinal substances,
  • registered as a medical product,
  • available in many color variants.

Application of kinesiotaping tapes:

  • reduction of muscle fatigue,
  • improvement of muscle function of excessively stretched muscles,
  • increasing the range of motion,
  • improvement of blood circulation and mud,
  • reduction of tissue stasis,
  • reduction of inflammation,
  • pain reduction,
  • acceleration of rehabilitation of damaged tissues.


  • Dimensions: 5 cm x 5 m
  • In the package there is an instruction with examples of applications.

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