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Cup TIANCI® used for structuring water and restore her natural magnetic energy.

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The quality of the water consumed daily is essential to our health.

System molecules spring water has an ordered structure similar to crystal.

Such water is considered to be the tastiest and healthiest. It is naturally charged by the earth-laden magnetic strength of about 0.5 gauss.

Unfortunately, nowadays rather not at all the way we consume such water. That's what you get from the tap or in the form of the bottle is treated by purification, demineralization, filtration, disinfection and maintenance. All of these treatments for purifying water for its chemical and bacteriological parameters, but physically it is a disorderly liquid devoid of the natural magnetic properties.

Magnetized water has a general therapeutic properties and in particular the favorable effect on the digestive system, nervous system and bladder.

The treated water of the magnetic field hydrogen ions and dissolved therein mineral receive magnetic charge. This charge causes a temporary separation of minerals from the molecular water clusters which results in improving the taste and gives the impression of softness.

Water is one of the most important elements in human life. Since it depends on the quality of our health and life. Cup Tianci restores its natural energy and molecular structure. Prepared in the water has a lower surface tension becomes soft and is gaining in taste. It prevents acidification of the body, improves absorption of nutrients, beneficial effects on the digestive system, nervous system and bladder, preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Assisted by the excretion of toxic substances from the body.

Biomagnetic cup Tianci® has a solid construction. Interior ceramic finished outside the stainless steel housing. Stable magnetic field of optimal health parameters for the highest quality magnet system arc segment. The magnetic flux density measured at the inner wall is 60-68 mT (tesla).

Cup can also be used as a thermos: temperature drop of water in a closed cup measured after 2 hours is t0 = 98 OC t2 = 56 ° C.

Usage: You fill the cup with water or another drink, it can also infuse herbs or tea. After 10-15 minutes the content is ready for consumption. The best results to support health and life energy we get drinking water prepared in a cup Tianci® fasting and just before bedtime.