Oil FENGYOUJING (narcissus)



Menthol, camphor, eucalyptus extract, a green pigment (chlorophyll), eugenol

Package 3 ml

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- Headaches [rub the sore places, temples, bay, back of the head and neck muscles]

- Gulf [rub bay and neck muscles].

- Swollen, infected lymph nodes [rub nodes]

- Qatar [rub the nose, the neck muscles in the evening to do inhalation]

- Colds, supercooling different parts of the body [rub supercooled parts]

- Rheumatism, gout [rub frequently diseased parts of the body].

- Roots, lumbago and other neural and myalgia [cross and rub the sore place].

- Flu, colds, inflammation of the lungs, etc. [Rubbing his chest and back]

oil does not contain any of a tiger.

Use away from the eyes and mucous membranes! Do not use on irritated skin!