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Acupressure mat Canvas applicator D1 – large


  • Dimensions: 38 x 68 cm
  • Material: canvas

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Acupressure mat Canvas applicator D1 – large

It is anertified and patented as a medical product Applicator, which helpsto eliminate pain and tension. A large mat with tabs allows use in a lying and sitting position. The rehabilitation mat has proven health properties. Just a few minutes of lying on a mat with spikes eliminates fatigue,muscle tension and an unpleasant feeling of stiff muscles. The needle mat can also be used for foot massage. The classic original Applicator is made of canvas, which is extremely resistant to damage.

How does an acupressure mat help?

  • pain in joints, back, knee,
  • insomnia
  • stress
  • depression
  • muscle tone,
  • migraine headaches,
  • sciatica
  • digestive problems,
  • arthritis.

Features of the rehabilitation mat:

  • patented and registered as a medical product,
  • has a manufacturer's declaration confirming the high quality of products,
  • the spikes placed on the mat are made of non-toxic material,
  • resistant to tearing,
  • meets EU legal requirements,
  • has a wide range of applications,
  • quick effect,
  • simplicity of use.

How to use an acupuncture mat?

It is recommended to lie on the applicator laid out in front on a soft substrate, bedding, mattress. You can also rely on an applicator placed on the soft back of the chair, within 1-2 hours. depending on the condition and discretion of the patient.

  • In the absence of pain caused by degeneration of the cervical spine, the entire posterior part of the neck and the ositer part of the head should be covered with an applicator.
  • With chronic pains and insomnia, use the Applicator for 14-20 days, preferably before bedtime. Then you should take a mandatory 4-month break, so as not to reduce the effects of action.

Redness of the skin is a normal symptom when using an applicator.
With chronic back pain, the pain does not pass immediately but after 10-15 procedures. It is advisable to use the applicator simultaneously with the use of drugs prescribed by the doctor.


Do not use the Applicator for any diseases and skin growths, purulent dermatitis, as well as varicose veins at the site of application. In the case of a large nipple or the so-called mole, you can tear off the appropriate circle with the tip of the slack from the applicator, seal the diseased part of the skin with a patch.

  • Dimensions: 38 x 68 cm
  • Material: canvas
  • Spikes: ABS material
  • Type: canvas large
  • Number of tabs: 231
  • Number of acupressure points (spikes): 4158

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