Multi-needle applicator LYAPKO belt "Traveler" 5.8


Technical parameters of the belt:
♦ consists of 6 sliding tiles;
♦ dimensions of each tile – 50х180 mm;
♦ spacing between needles – 5.8 mm;
♦ number of needles on the belt – 1674;
♦ composition of needles: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver;
♦ base: medical rubber.

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Multi-needle applicator LYAPKO-belt "Traveler" 5,8

Each order is accompanied free of charge by the booklet "Applicators LYAPKO. Methodology of application",where the essence of surface multi-needle therapy, mechanisms of action of multi-needle applicators, indications for the use of the above-mentioned therapy and a detailed description of carrying out treatments for specific ailments are described in great detail.

The applicator-belt "Traveler",thanks to its large dimensions and elastic fastening straps, is great for treatments performed on large areas of the body – the luvio thoracic spine or abdomen. It can be fixed on any section of the lower limb, and at the same time without limiting physical activity too much during the procedure. It can also be used as a mat – laying flat, for example, on a pillow and laying on it with the cervical spine.

The applicator-belt "Traveler" is ideal for fixing it on the places of occurrence of the problem or radiation of pain with symptoms of sciatica, femur, arthritis, degenerative changes in the lumbar or thoracic spine, post-traumatic conditions, inflammations and muscle spasms, problems of the digestive system, overload pains, motor dysfunctions, protrusions and hernias of the intervertebral disc, etc.

With the help of the "Traveler" belt, you can perform effective anti-cellulite and slimming treatments, fixing it on the places where the problem occurs: hips, buttocks, abdomen or thighs.

Dr. LYAPKO belts are also recommended for professional athletes as well as for amateur athletes practicing various sports disciplines. They can be used for various types of injuries, strains and before physical exertion in order to improve blood circulation and warm up the appropriate muscle parts.


At home — it is recommended to treat with a washing solution, wash under running water and dry with a stream of hot air (dryer).

In medical facilities, commonly used medical preparations are used to disinfect the surface of the equipment for sterilization of applicators.

*If the applicator is used correctly, its shelf life is 5-7 years.*

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