Acupuncture / Dry needling

Multi-needle applicator LYAPKO "Mat MAX" 6,2


Technical parameters:

♦ dimensions – 290×560 mm;
♦ spacing between needles – 6.2 mm;
♦ number of needles – 4538;
♦ composition of needles: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver;
♦ base: medical rubber

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420,00 zł gross

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Multi-needle applicator LYAPKO "Mat MAX" 6,2

Available colors: navy blue, blue, green, orange, red

Applicator colors are selected at random. At the customer's request, it is possible to send the applicator in the color of his choice.

For each order, we attach a booklet "Applicators LYAPKO free of charge. Methodology of application", where the essence of surface multi-needle therapy, mechanisms of action of multi-needle applicatroers, indications for the use of the above-mentioned therapy and a detailed description of carrying out treatments for specific ailments are described in great detail.

The multi-needle applicator "Mata MAX" 6.2 is currently the largest mat of all LYAPKO mat applicators. It is characterized by the largest area of influence, thanks to which it has high therapeutic effectiveness. With its large area of 560×290 mm during the procedure, it covers practically the entire length of the spine.

The mat is recommended as a back applicator (acupressure mat). The mat is used for treatments in the supine position in cases of prophylaxis and in complex therapy of diseases and damage to the locomotor system. Such diseases include, symptoms of sciatica( sciatica, shoulder, femur), discopathies, protrusions and hernias of the intervertebral disc, degenerative changes, post-traumatic states, myalgia, curvature of the spine and many others). It also works perfectly as a rug for foot massage (in a sitting position). The MAX mat can also be used to lie on it on your stomach. This form of treatment is recommended in cases of prevention and in complex therapy of diseases of the digestive system. Such diseases include, constipation, colic, dyskinesia of the bile ducts, obesity (deposition of adipose tissue in the abdominal area)). High efficiency of improving health is achieved by combining intensive mechanical reflexotherapy and immune reactions.

The MAX 6.2 mat can also be used as a therapeutic rug for reflexological treatments for feet. Such a massage should be performed in a sitting position. Reflexological treatments improve the functioning of organs and internal systems. They also perfectly stimulate blood circulation.

The use of a large LYAPKO mat for abdominal massage works well in the prevention and comprehensive therapy of diseases of the digestive system. It helps in the fight against constipation, intestinal colic, biliary dyskinesia or obesity.

The MAX mat dr LYAPKO thanks to its huge therapeutic and rehabilitation capabilities qualifies in the forefront of all mat applicators LYAPKO.

With such a large LYAPKO, an important condition for successful treatment and the absence of discomfort is the correct laying on it. Thanks to this, the relative – uncomfortable sensations of the first few minutes pass into the feelings of pleasant warmth. We begin to feel pleasant vibrations or pulsations most often. And the whole procedure often ends with a full-fledged healthy sleep. It should be remembered that under the mat in the places of bending sections of the lumbar and cervical spine before starting the procedure, put small terrot towels or small pillows twisted into rollers.

With discomfort felt within 10-15 minutes, the applicator should be reused preferably the next day. The causes of discomfort may be: incorrect positioning of the applicator, i.e. uneven load on the needles.

In order to remove the discomfort, you should rise above the applicator and lie on it again, putting a soft roller under the knee joints earlier.

The time of the session, i.e. the time of impact on the skin of the applicator (lying on it), is closely related to obtaining the desired (required) effect:

  • for toning, anesthesia for acute pain, to increase efficiency and blood pressure with hypotonia – about 7-10 minutes;
  • in order to weaken or even remove long-term chronic pain, lowering blood pressure, relaxing and sleeping effect – about 15-30 minutes and longer.

Each person has a different skin sensitivity, so the time of application for each person will be different. The determinant of the moment of completion of the procedure, especially when using a multi-needle applicator to relax or remove long-term chronic pains, will be the penetrating heat at the application site and the gradual discomfort sensation. Some people can perform the procedure even within 2 hours.

The recommended duration of therapy (systematic daily treatments) is 1-2 weeks. It can be repeated after a 10-14 day break. In practice, using the applicator every day, within a few months, you can count on a lasting improvement in well-being, removal of chronic pains, weight reduction, increase in vital vigor and efficiency of the body.

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