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Mask medical mask three-layer 98% OUTLINE - 50 pcs.


Disposable surgical-medical mask with certificate 50 pieces

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Disposable surgical-medical mask with certificate 50 pieces

Protective face masks are made of dust-free and hypoallergenic non-woven fabric – safe for health, are determined by a high filtration rate and do not limit breathing. Surgical masks are products that are the basic equipment of hospitals, clinics and places where occupational hygiene is very important. These are products whose purpose is to protect against the ingress of germs transmitted by droplets. In addition, our protective face masks adapt very well to the shape of the face thanks to the elastic bands, and the adjustable strap ensures stability.

Surgical masks of a reputable Polish manufacturer, with all approvals, REGISTERED AS A MEDICAL DEVICE (VAT 8%).

Used for professional applications in operating theatres, doctors' and dentists' offices for many years. The masks have a higher filtration class type II according to EN14683.


  • made of three layers of dust-free and hypoallergenic non-woven fabric
  • has a modeling insert for the nose
  • bacterial filtration efficiency: BFE >98%
  • with ear bands
  • protects the operating field against contamination with exfoliated epidermis, hair and droplet-borne infections
  • protection of patients from infectious agents from the noses and mouths of staff
  • packaging: convenient to use cardboard box that allows you to remove individual pieces
  • Disposable

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