DUO SEPT AG+ 500 ml
DUO SEPT AG+ 500 ml

Bactericidal agent DuoSept AG+ 500 ml (hydrogen peroxide + silver)

Indeks: DUOSEPT-500

85.90 PLN

We use in such cases as:

  • acne atopic dermatitis , seborrheic dermatitis
  • ringworm of the skin, yeast infections
  • burns, sunburn
  • insect bites
  • warts, soft warts of the skin
  • rash, chickenpox, dermatitis, itchy skin, herpes
  • psoriasis
  • open wounds, cuts, gingivitis
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Duosept AG+ has an oligodynamic effect consisting in self-disinfection. We also use in the case of treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser dermabrasion, rollcitt, before chemical peels, before permanent makeup, needle mesotherapy, aesthetic medicine. Duosept AG+ for foot fungus (warts on the feet including against yeast) active ingredients eliminate bacteria and fungi . Spray the skin of the feet very thoroughly and keep it moisturized for about half an hour. You can use moths 2 times a day. We use the product to achieve a satisfactory effect.

Duosept AG + is a preparation that in its composition contains colloidal silver 2+ and hydrogen peroxide h2o2 which during decomposition produces atomic oxygen and water. As we know, oxygen is the most important element of our lives. For example, during a cut in the human body, leukocytes and granulocytes (a variety of leukocytes) produce h2o2 which during decomposition produces atomic oxygen without which no biological or energy reaction takes place. Oxygen protects tissue structures from damage. Otherwise, the cell would become contaminated and the process of eliminating dead, diseased cells would not have taken place. H2o2 is not only produced during cuts, it also participates in all metabolic processes: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, also the work of all enzymatic and hormonal systems in the production of heat in the body and others, e.g. oxidizes toxic substances. Oxygen together with ionic silver forms a harmonious pair complementing each other, thanks to which the action is many times more effective than each individual. Duosept AG + is self-preserved. Non-opening shelf life 2 years after first opening 12 months. Concentration 3.4% . It does not sterilize physiological bacteria on the skin. A bacterium, a virus, a fungus must be metabolised to reproduce. Pathogens have channels through which they take nutrients from the outside. Oxygen is the carrier for silver. It is a very small particle almost a nanoparticle. On the example of aerobic bacteria, e.g. aerobic spore (staphylococcus aureus) – staphylococcus aureus which is 20 times more strongly adherent to the skin AD (atopic dermatitis). It is more strongly colonized than in people with healthy skin. Silver ions in the case of, for example, an aerobic bacterium move on this oxygen bubble, passing through the membrane with a cell mechanically entering the bacterial channel and the silver ion blocks its metabolism causing the destruction of bacteria. With anaerobic bacteria even easier. The virus or fungus also takes up the nutrient externally and in this case Duosept AG+ penetrates deep into the cell nucleus, annihilating and preventing replication. Yeasts from the candidia group cause displacement in newborns (it is about diapers or under the mouths) With eczema, psoriasis atopic dermatitis is definitely relief, there is no itching, even cools. With acne nodular on the face or back, inflammation is quickly relieved. After shaving in men , after epilation in women. Kola bacteria in children in kindergarten (hand disinfection), Duosept AG+ does not destroy cells and tissues.