Available capacities:

  • 20g
  • 50g
  • 100g

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Wax for Fascia Release Techniques Fascial Release Wax from Songbird was developed in consultation with James Earls, an international anatomy and fascial liberation trainer. It is the most popular of massage waxes, existing on the market for over 20 years. This product is used by many therapists dealing with sports massage, physiotherapists, osteopaths and athletes. Used for massage in top-rated football clubs (including the English BPL), as well as rugby players, cricketers, swimmers, hockey players, athletes and rowers. Wax Songbird. It was also used during major sporting events such as the last two football world championships and the Olympic Games in 2012 in London.

Many therapists, not necessarily involved in sports massage, use this wax because of its aroma, which is neither typically herbal nor floral, so it can not be classified as a "female" or "male" fragrance.

It is a specific product with an increased "grip" of tissue for better control. Appropriate contact with the tissue allows the therapist to manipulate it in many different ways. It can control the possibility of stretching, opening, moving and separating from other structures.

Wax Fascial Release Wax is widely used in Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Sports Massage. The product is very efficient, because it is enough to use a very small amount to perform one treatment. It is housed in a large container weighing 100 g.

Features of wax:

  •  leaves the skin soft and moisturized  
  •  ensures perfect grip  
  •  provides an additional grip for optimal tissue control  
  •  available in various sizes  
  •  made only from natural ingredients 
  •  it does not spill  
  •  easy and pleasant to use  
  •  efficient
  •  has a neutral odor
  •  just a small amount to perform the procedure

Wax composition:

• Bee wax • olive oil • almond oil • arnica • calendar • ethereal oils: manuka and lemon • St. John's wort


Heat a small amount of wax in your hands and apply it to the patient's skin