Kolmio Etan 4


Electrostimulator KOLMIO ETAN 4 is a handy, portable device for electrostimulation of acupunctural points, for physiotherapy and for TENS electrostimulation. Simple usage, small dimensions and versatility enable even people without knowledge on acupuncture to use KOLMIO ETAN 4. Having concern about such users, the device was equipped with an automatic detector of acupunctural points.

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3 800,00 zł tax incl.

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The KOLMIO ETAN 4 electrostimulator is used for:

  • eliminating pains,
  • fighting with addictions, especially nicotine addiction,
  • ridding of wrinkles,
  • slimming,
  • healing of wounds and burns,
  • eliminating injuries, fighting with stage fright,
  • curing rheumatic, neurological and other illnesses.

The KOLMIO ETAN 4 electrostimulator is used:

  • in small surgeries,
  • as a portable supplement for stationary electrostimulators,
  • in beauty salons,
  • in fitness clubs,
  • in sports clubs,
  • in sanatoriums

The use of the device is comfortable and the work parameters are stable and reliable thanks to the ergonomic design and modern digital techniques.

The KOLMIO ETAN 4 device can be connected to the computer. You can use the computer program to create and use simple and advanced healing therapies.

The electrostimulator KOLMIO ETAN 4 has the following characteristics:
  • four independent channels, enabling concurrent stimulation of up to 8 points,
  • working with surface and needle electrodes,
  • two working modes (simple and packaged impulses),
  • polarization selection (positive, negative, alternating),
  • common regulation of the frequency for all channels,
  • independent regulation of amplitude for each channel,
  • special electrode for acupunctural point stimulation,
  • automatic acupunctural point detector,
  • special shape of electrical impulses, which increases the effectiveness.
KOLMIO ETAN4 - screen

The electrostimulator KOLMIO ETAN 4 is equipped with:

  • rechargeable battery LiIon 2600mAh, 7.2V,
  • power supply for battery charging,
  • casing,
  • the wire for computer connection (USB standard),
  • computer program,
  • 4 pairs of wires for body stimulation,
  • start set of self-adhesive electrodes,
  • active and passive electrode for acupunctural point stimulation and detection,
  • technica user's manual,
  • medical user's manual - book "Your Health in Your Hands"