Acupuncture / dry needling

Universal Electrode


Electrode allows you to perform precise stimulation (Points on the auricle or around the eyes) and electrical stimulation massage. 

Allows to use a variety of electrical impulses.

WARNING: Universal electrode is equipped AUTOMERIDIAN cosmetic and only with it can be used!

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Now the AUTOMERIDIAN cosmetic device is equipped with a socket for attaching additional accessories. One of them is the universal electrode.

It is a multi-functional addition to the AUTOMERIDIAN cosmetic. It allows performing precise stimulations as well as electrostimulation massages. It enables applying different electrical impulses.

Thanks to the unique solution the universal electrode is able to replace the precision electrode (designed for performing procedures requiring precision, e.g. performed on ears or near the eye) and the spherical electrode (useful in stimulating most of the points on the body and in performing massages).

Additionally, the universal electrode offers three working modes:

  • alternating impulses,
  • positive impulses,
  • negative impulses.

The universal electrode has all the advantages of the precision electrode plus enhanced functionality, especially useful for demanding users.


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    Automeridian cosmetic standard help in self-treatment by acupuncture therapy. Extra large active electrode allows you to perform a very effective massage.  Now AUTOMERIDIAN cosmetic is equpped with a socket for connecting additional accessories.Currently we are offering TRIADA brush for electrostimulating hair roots, precision electrode and universal...

    350,00 zł