AHD 1000 1L - Alcoholic preparation for disinfecting the skin, hands and surfaces

D AHD1000 1

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Ethanol which is the active substance is characterized by high biocidal effectiveness and low toxicity.
It shows bactericidal (including MRSA, Tbc), yeasticidal, virucidal (including HIV, HBV, HCV, Vaccinia, BVDV, H1N1, Polio, Adeno, Rota, Noro) confirmed tests.

Dedicated to disinfect the skin before injections, punctures, surgeries and before all procedures involving tissue disruption.

The addition of lactic acid derivatives and glycerol protects the skin against drying.

After application, no feeling of sticky hands - makes it easier to put on and stick to protective gloves.


Active substance: ethanol 96% (79.9g),

Excipients: 2-butanone, macrogolglycerol coconut, fragrances, lactic acid, purified water.


Before disinfecting, wash and thoroughly dry your hands preferably with a paper towel.

Hygienic hand disinfection:

Rub 3 ml of AHD 1000 preparation into the skin of the hands for 30 seconds.

Surgical hand and forearm disinfection:

Rub 5 ml of AHD 1000 preparation into the skin of hands and forearms for at least 1.5 min.

Skin disinfection:

Moisten the skin surface by spraying or wiping with AHD 1000 soaked and let it dry completely.

Skin poor in sebaceous glands:

before punctures and injections - min. 15 seconds
before punctures of joints, body cavities, internal organs, as well as before surgery - min. 1 min
Skin rich in sebaceous glands:

min. 1 min